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    Hong Kong Yu Tai founded in 1993, NOK specified sales company in Hong Kong in 1996. Japanese NOK seals, seal, O-ring, accumulator, rubber belt company specialized agents; while and Acting U.S. Sun cartridge valves. To facilitate the procurement of domestic users and provide quality after-sales service, Yutai line to set up a technology center in the country in 1999. Established in 2001, Foshan Jie-chen hydraulic seal technology Co., Ltd. (TaiChen predecessor). The Czech minister hydraulic seal Co., Ltd. established in 2003. Yutai Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in 2007. Set up the Foshan TaiChen Trading Co., Ltd. in 2011. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts to develop, the Yutai line has formed leading enterprises to the domestic industry of the two core products of hydraulic seals and hydraulic integrated valve block.

    Foshan TaiChen Trading Co., Ltd. (formerly Jie minister) Yutai line agencies directly under NOK agency designated China; company Agency of Japan NOK various seals, oil seals, O-rings, and other NOK related products. The company has a large warehouse of 2,000 square meters, standing more than 20 million large spot, unified operation with the Hong Kong company warehouse, fast the redeployment and professional logistics management, domestic supply of the Japanese NOK seals, oil seals, O-rings and other varieties most homogeneous , one of the most competitive suppliers. Agent NOK ancillary products designed for the automotive industry, injection molding machines, hydraulic machines, engineering machinery, port machinery, iron and steel plants, shipyards, power plants, hydroelectric plants and other machines. Professional technical support engineers in Japan, the company's sales network and quality of service, has been a major domestic enterprises, supporting factories, most confident partners. Companies adhering to the people-oriented, professional focus, the purpose of quality service, integrity management is widely trusted by users.

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